We know our phone lines are very busy at the moment, and this means long waits for those wishing to speak to reception.

Did you know that you can order your repeat prescriptions via the NHS app?

For the NHS app, you have to download the app onto your device, then go through a simple ID confirmation using your smartphone camera. Once this is done, to order a repeat prescription, simply open the app and select ‘Order a repeat prescription’ from the homepage.

There is a helpful link to the NHS app on our website (www.walnuttreepractice.co.uk). Just click on the ‘Prescriptions and medicines centre’, and then select ”Request medication online’ and you will be guided through the very short and simple process.

It’s a good idea to download the app, because you can also use it to download your covid vaccine proof, manage your appointments and view your health record.

Managing your medicines online will mean you don’t have to wait on the phone. It will also help to free up our hardworking reception team so that they can answer urgent telephone queries more quickly.