Request a Social Prescription

At Walnut Tree Practice we are helping to create awareness and acknowledge the importance of our patients’ social wellbeing.

This may involve a great many different types of intervention, including recommending that patients attend certain specific group activities, take part in certain community projects, meet someone for a chat locally, access certain facilities locally or pick up a new hobby, all with the help of our dedicated social prescription team.

If you felt that you or someone you know might benefit from this kind of intervention, please contact our reception team requesting a prescription using this form.

This form can then be routed via the receptionists.

Primary Care and Health Professional Referral Form

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Referral Information

Support required in relation to:
Are there any known risks?
History of substance misuse?
Any history of aggression/violence or concerns around behaviour?
Dog(s) at the property?
Has the patient been referred to any other services or currently working with services?